The food processor is a powerful tool for any chef. Speed up your recipes by putting ingredients into the food processor instead of chopping them by hand.I love my food processor, and right along with my KitchenAid mixer it’s probably the most used appliance in my kitchen. I use it for many tasks, including making homemade pizza dough, crumbs for breading, and even to make cheesecake! In fact, I’ve written an article about the food processor rcipes!

Food Processor Recipes- nut butters

Food Processor Recipes- nut butters


1.Food Processor Recipes-homemade nut butters

Peanut Butter Or Cashew Sauce

Easy to make-made in five minutes!

I love it!





Food Processor Recipes-Grinding Meat

Food Processor Recipes-Grinding Meat


2.Food Processor Recipes-Grinding Meat

The Flesh,Meat,etc!

Imagined here is some pleasant pink salmon, being set up for amazingly textured lemon herb salmon burgers! I utilize my sustenance processor to granulate meat for meatballs and burgers aplenty.






Food Processor Recipes-Homemade Pesto

Food Processor Recipes-Homemade Pesto

3.Food Processor Recipes-Homemade Pesto


In any case, this pesto is a most loved more advantageous variant from a pesto pasta heat that I made the previous summer which is currently assuming control over my life once more. I ♡ THIS STUFF. Yippee for adjustable pesto that we can put on everything!







Food Processor Recipes-Curry Paste

Food Processor Recipes-Curry Paste

4.Food Processor Recipes-Curry Paste

Umm, definitely, we just discussed the marvels of making curry glue at home. Sustenance processors = making individuals feel like they’re wonderful cooks.

I’m burrowing it. Next up: bring on the red and green curry glues!

(tip! tip! tip! shower the white a portion of your cutting edge with nonstick cooking splash to avert neon yellow stains. that darn turmeric… )






Food Processor Recipes--Making Healthy Ice Cream

Food Processor Recipes–Making Healthy Ice Cream

5.Food Processor Recipes–Making Healthy Ice Cream

Ahh! So eager to impart this formula to you since CHOCOLATE, REFINED SUGAR FREE, GLOWY HEALTHY YUM. This formula will be coming up soon! Inquire!

Be that as it may, until then, you should attempt this nutty spread banana delicate serve dessert – I’ve likewise been kicking the bucket to attempt this with solidified natural product like mango, strawberries, and so forth.