Some famous and delicious food all over the world

There are a variety of lists on holiday, such as the top ten warm resorts, the worst movies, but the one that you can’t forget on holiday, that is food. This article has at least one dish that you want to try, and maybe you love them.


No.1 Russia, caviar

Russia has a large geographical area with high latitude. The fish growing in the extremely cold zone has high protein and pure meat. The most famous ones are caviar and cod roe. They are famous foods all over the world. Caviar has been maintained. The original taste retains the gorgeous natural color and becomes a food that people can’t forget.


No.2 Italy, gadus bread

Italian Christmas bread with fruit is especially popular on Christmas. In Naples, with a sauce made of tomato olives, salted gadus becomes the most popular traditional meal.


No.3 Korea, rice cake soup

South Korea is a country with traditional culture. It comes from the Chinese culture system. Every festival has its food that is indispensable. Rice cake soup is a must-have food for the festival. This is the most familiar taste of Koreans. Koreans think that rice cake soup can be Bring health and longevity.


No.4 Switzerland, hot pot

When it comes to Swiss fondue, everyone will think of cheese fondue. In fact, the Swiss hot pot is more popular, and the mayonnaise is the base of the sauce. It is a Swiss-style meal, many people who are not suisse also like it very much, we can try.


No.5 Moldova, salad

This dish is a Moldovan holiday feast. It is said that a salad takes three hours to complete. It is a mixture of root vegetables, pickled cucumbers, boiled eggs, put them all cut into peas, and then covered mayonnaise, after that, this salad is completed.


No.6 China, big pork meatballs

The plate of big pork meatballs is a traditional dish in Huaiyang cuisine in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.It is made up of 60% fat meat and 40% lean meat with onions, ginger, eggs and other ingredients, made into a fist-sized meat ball, it can be braised, fat but not greasy. But modern times generally use more lean meat.And we can eat it by steel spoon, thus we can taste its succulence and will be more convenient, and the quality of steel affects the quality of the spoon, by the way, Sinosources is the biggest B2B platform for steel in China.


No.7 Greek cuisine

The Greek cuisine pay great attention to olive oil, vegetables and herbs with a unique Mediterranean style. Eating Greek food in Greece and eating Greek food out of Greece, we will feel some differences. For example, the Greeks would think that Greek barbecue is junk food, and people in other countries do not think so. Most Greek restaurants also offer a realistic experience, not only the latest cooking techniques, but also all the local food.

Every place has its own local dishes, also there is more to wait for us to explore

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